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Hello everyone out there!

Welcome to my homepage. I am Greenhorn, 42 years old and married. I was a music enthusiast from my early years on, but due to my love for football I have finally heard the call quite late. I started playing guitar 15 years ago and when I finally began writing songs I found that Greenhorn (a reminiscence of my childhood idol Old Shatterhand) would be a perfect synonym for me as a late vocation.

If I could sing only rudimentarily proper, I would have tried to start a music career of my own long ago. But my songs have absolutely got what it takes to make it to the stages of this world and into peoples´ hearts! That´s why I have become a songwriter.

Among my most important musical influences are all-time stars like John Denver, Simon & Garfunkel, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and R.E.M., but also singers like James Blunt, Toby Keith and Passenger, just to name a few. But I was yet allowed to see a lot of talent and inspiration on small corner stages of my hometown Landshut, too. On such an occasion, I was blessed to meet great Franz Benton, who taught me a lot about playing guitar and music in general. 

As wide as my taste of music is the range of my own songs. I really feel comfortable with folk and country, as I love telling stories and wrapping up messages in my music. But I also wrote some real catchy pop and rock songs, even stadium-rock hymns, that go straight to your ears and stay there for long.

My work is tri-lingual and so is my homepage. English had to be as I write most of my songs in English. Moreover, I have always felt pretty connected to America and American music. As far as that is concerned, my heart certainly beats fifty percent American. The other fifty percent of my heart are Bavarian, because I also feel deeply rooted in my Bavarian home and culture and feel connected to the Bavarian people as well. That is why my portfolio includes also a variety of songs in Bavarian dialect. A Bavarian saying goes: „we know everything…expect of standard German!“ Well, I don´t want to go this far and so I do also write beautiful songs in German. 

You are looking for a new song, that brings you to the very top? Then we share the same dream! Please get in touch for together we can make it…!


Greenhorn - always just a Song away

After finishing one song, the next one is already waiting in the wings. If you also feel like being just a song away from your breakthrough or your next hit, come with me on my journey…to where hits are born!


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